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Pennyworth – Wikipedia. Alfred "Thaddeus Crane" Pennyworth ist Bruce Waynes Butler auf Wayne Manor. Nach dem Tod von. Nach der fünften Staffel „Gotham“ ist noch nicht Schluss: „​Pennyworth“ ist nämlich nicht nur eine weitere.

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Alfred Pennyworth gründet eine Sicherheitsfirma und beginnt seine Arbeit mit Bruce Waynes Vater. Der Milliardär Thomas lebt in den er Jahren in London, wo ihn Alfred als ehemalige britischer SAS-Soldat als Freund begleitet. Pennyworth – Wikipedia. Die DC-Ursprungsserie PENNYWORTH folgt Alfred Pennyworth, einem ehemaligen britischen SAS-Soldaten in seinen 20ern, der im London der er Jahre. Pennyworth: Als Butler steht Alfred Pennyworth dem Milliardär Bruce Wayne treu zur Seite. „Pennyworth“ blickt in die Vergangenheit, wo der ehemalige . Noch nicht im Dienste seiner Fledermaus: Die Serie „Pennyworth“ zeigt die Vorgeschichte von Batmans Butler, als er noch sein eigener Herr. Mit Pennyworth begibt sich Gotham-Schöpfer Bruno Heller erneut in das Batman-​Universum von DC. Die Serie erzählt die Vorgeschichte von Bruce Waynes. Alfred "Thaddeus Crane" Pennyworth ist Bruce Waynes Butler auf Wayne Manor. Nach dem Tod von.


Die DC-Ursprungsserie PENNYWORTH folgt Alfred Pennyworth, einem ehemaligen britischen SAS-Soldaten in seinen 20ern, der im London der er Jahre. Nach der fünften Staffel „Gotham“ ist noch nicht Schluss: „​Pennyworth“ ist nämlich nicht nur eine weitere. Alfred "Thaddeus Crane" Pennyworth ist Bruce Waynes Butler auf Wayne Manor. Nach dem Tod von.

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The name "Pennyworth" was first used for Alfred in [11] and thereafter it has been assumed that his father was named Jarvis Pennyworth; as it is customary for British domestic servants to be called by surname it might have been implied on Alfred's introduction that Jarvis was the surname he shared with his father; the surname "Beagle" was explicitly used for Alfred starting in [12] and on the introduction of "Pennyworth" this is treated as having always been their name by retcon.

Initially, Alfred discovered their identities by accident; while fighting a burglar in Batman 16 Alfred's first appearance , he accidentally hit a switch and opened a sliding panel leading to the Batcave.

He is helpful to the duo, following them to a theatre where they are captured, bound and gagged by a criminal gang, and rescues them after Batman attracts his attention by knocking a rope down before the crooks return.

This was revised in Batman September ; during his first night at Wayne Manor, Alfred awoke to moaning and followed the sound to the secret passage to the staircase leading to the Batcave and met his would-be employers in their superhero identities.

As it turned out, the wounds were actually insignificant, but Alfred's care convinced the residents that their butler could be trusted.

Since then, Alfred included the support staff duties of the Dynamic Duo on top of his regular tasks. Ironically, Alfred's loyalty would lead him to become a member of Batman's rogue's gallery.

While pushing Batman and Robin out of the way of a falling boulder, Alfred was seemingly killed in Detective June It was revealed in Detective October that he had been revived by a scientist named Brandon Crawford.

His attempt at regeneration resulted in a dramatic change: Alfred awoke from his apparent death with pasty white skin with circular markings, superhuman powers, including telekinesis , and a desire to destroy Batman and Robin.

Calling himself the Outsider , he indirectly battled the Dynamic Duo on a number of occasions, using others as his puppets—the Grasshopper Gang in Detective , Zatanna in Detective , and even the Batmobile itself in Detective —and generally only appeared as a mocking voice over the radio.

He did not physically appear in the comics until Detective , when he is bathed again in the rays of the regeneration machine during a struggle with Batman, and returns to normal, with no memory of his time as a supervillain.

Alfred was later reunited with his long-lost daughter, Julia Remarque, though this element was not included in Post- Crisis comics.

In the Post- Crisis comics continuity , Alfred has been the Wayne family valet all of Bruce's life and had helped his master establish his superhero career from the beginning.

In addition, he was Bruce's legal guardian following the deaths of his parents. Alfred's history has been modified several times over the years, creating assorted versions.

In one such version, Alfred was hired away from the British Royal Family by Bruce's parents, and he virtually raised Bruce after they were murdered.

Meanwhile, another version of Alfred's Post- Crisis life was slightly more closely linked to his Pre- Crisis counterpart.

In this version, Alfred is an actor on the English stage who agrees to become the Waynes' butler to honor his father's dying wish.

At the time he begins working for the Waynes, Bruce is a young child. After several months, Alfred voices the desire to quit and return home to continue his life as an actor.

However, these plans are momentarily forgotten when young Bruce returns home after getting into a fight with a school bully. Alfred teaches Bruce to handle the bully strategically, rather than using brute force.

Following Alfred's advice, Bruce takes care of his bully problem. Upon returning home, Bruce requests that Alfred stay, and Alfred agrees without a second thought.

Alfred raises Bruce after the Waynes are murdered. He also had close friendships with other members of the Batman family, including Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain.

Alfred often acts as a father-figure to Bruce, and a grandfather to Dick, Jason, and Tim. He is also highly respected by those heroes who are aware of his existence, including Superman , Wonder Woman , Green Lantern , and the original Teen Titans.

Alfred has also been romantically linked to Dr. Leslie Thompkins , though his relationship with her never came to anything, particularly after she apparently allowed Stephanie Brown to die from neglect.

He also developed feelings for Tim Drake's stepmother, but again, nothing came of it. During the events of Knightquest , Alfred accompanies Wayne to England and becomes enraged when Wayne insists on endangering his own health while paraplegic.

This was the culmination of several weeks of Wayne's self-destructive behavior, and when Wayne returns to Gotham City , Alfred remains in England, tendering his resignation.

He spends some time vacationing in Antarctica and the Bahamas before returning to England. Dick Grayson tracks him down several months later and convinces him to return to Wayne Manor.

In that story, it was revealed he had walked out of his own wedding years earlier. Batman is missing for weeks, leaving Alfred alone to watch his city for him.

He uses his skills as an actor, storyteller, medic, and spy to survive and collect information on the recently destroyed society. Alfred even uses hand-to-hand combat in a rare one-panel fight sequence between him and a pair of slavers that ends with his rescue by Batman.

In the same issue, a reporter from The Gotham Gazette suggests to Commissioner Gordon that Alfred may be Bruce's biological father and that this may be a reason for the murder of Martha Wayne.

Alfred later denies the entire story, agreeing with Bruce that it was a fabrication. In the Batman and the Outsiders Special , Alfred is seen apologizing at the graves of Thomas and Martha Wayne at the loss of Bruce, commenting that he grieves as a parent, regarding Bruce as his son.

Later, a secret panel in Alfred's room opens, the result of a fail-safe planted by Bruce in the event of his death. Bruce leaves him one final task and also gives him an emotional goodbye, telling Alfred he considered him as a father.

Alfred is left emotionally shattered, commenting more than once that, even if his biological fatherhood is a fabrication, in a deeper sense he actually was Bruce Wayne's father, having watched over him for years and feeling he failed him in the last moments.

After the event of Final Crisis , when Batman was apparently killed in action, Alfred finds himself with the task of raising Bruce's biological son Damian with Grayson.

Alfred also assists Grayson in his role as Gotham's new Dark Knight. After discovering that the original Batman was actually lost in time after his battle with Darkseid , Alfred immediately seeks clues to his whereabouts.

Eventually, Bruce finds his way to the present. After Batman successfully expands his mission globally with Batman Inc. Jarvis was blackmailed by the Court of Owls to set a trap for the pregnant Martha Wayne.

Despite declining, the Court managed to cause a car accident that caused the child to be born prematurely and eventually to have died.

Jarvis attempted to resign from his services and write a letter to his son in which he describes the manor as a cursed place, and tells Alfred that he should not begin his service under the Wayne family.

However, Jarvis was unable to send it as he was murdered that night. During Batman: Eternal , Alfred is reunited with his long-absent daughter, Julia Pennyworth, an agent of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment , when Batman finds her in Hong Kong and takes her back to Wayne Manor for medical treatment after she is stabbed with a samurai sword through the chest by a Chinese gang boss she was hunting.

However, after Alfred is attacked by Hush and infected with a fear toxin, [15] she discovers the Batcave and takes on her father's role to coordinate the Bat-Family's efforts against their foes.

When Hush was briefly kept prisoner in the Batcave, he managed to break out of his cell and lock Alfred in it before sabotaging the Batman Family 's equipment via the Batcomputer as they fought various villains, including crashing the Batwing with Batman still in it.

However, he was swiftly returned to captivity when Alfred escaped the cell and knocked Hush out, Alfred harshly informing Tommy that he was hardly going to be locked up in his own home.

During the Batman: Endgame arc, the Joker broke into the Batcave, and during a confrontation with Alfred, cut off Alfred's right hand.

Julia confirms to Bruce later in the issue that Alfred survived the encounter and is in a stable condition. However Alfred refuses, stating that with Bruce dead, he no longer has need of it as he has no one left to serve.

After Bruce is discovered to be alive but with no memory of who he is or of his life as Batman, Alfred tells Bruce everything that had happened in his life up to the point of the creation of Batman, but accepts Bruce's request not to learn any more.

Alfred did this so that, after years of service to the people of Gotham and the world, Bruce could finally accept his reward of a life without pain and the burning desire to be Batman, allowing his life as Bruce Wayne to finally begin.

However, when the new villain Mr. Bloom launches a mass attack that apparently kills Jim Gordon-the new Batman-the amnesic Bruce pieces together enough information to deduce that he was once Batman, and convinces Alfred to subject him to a machine that will theoretically download all of his memories as Batman into his mind.

Bruce's original plan was for the machine to be used to create a series of clones of himself that could be programmed to continue his mission, but although the process failed because simulations confirmed that the human mind could not handle Batman's trauma, Bruce comes through the process by having Alfred take him to the point of brain-death and then download his memories onto his blank brain.

In All-Star Batman , Alfred is among the many Gotham citizens blackmailed by Two-Face into stopping Batman from providing Harvey Dent a cure for his condition; Alfred in particular reluctantly shoots down the Batwing as Batman is flying it.

When asked, Alfred reveals his secret; during a moment of weakness and anger years prior, he had briefly hired a hit man to kill the Joker, though he soon after cancelled the hit after realizing how it would betray Bruce's ideals.

When the alternate Thomas Wayne defeats his son and takes control of Gotham, he uses Alfred as a hostage to keep the rest of the Bat-Family out.

When Damian breaks into Gotham, Bane breaks Alfred's neck for this 'disobedience'. When Bruce comes back to Gotham himself, he is captured and shown Alfred's body, but a recorded message played by Alfred reveals that Alfred arranged for his own death so that Bruce could come back and stop Thomas, the message reaffirming Alfred's faith in Bruce as the true Batman.

During the Joker's subsequent attack on Gotham after he manages to take control of the Wayne fortune, when Batman is infected by a toxin, after Harley provides him with the cure he gets through the poisoning by talking to a hallucination of Alfred, who encourages Bruce to remember that Batman is about continuing to push past the pain of old losses rather than becoming consumed by those failures.

Alfred's name was later given officially as Alfred Beagle. Grant Morrison 's run has referred to the Beagle surname as a possible stage name.

A highly intelligent and resourceful man, Alfred runs the day-to-day operations of Wayne Manor and maintains much of the equipment of the Batcave beneath it.

A former actor, he can use his acting and disguise skills to help Batman in the field when necessary, and is even capable of impersonating Bruce Wayne on the telephone convincingly, as well as giving Bruce various lessons that help him maintain his covers.

He has also provided first aid up to and including suturing wounds and removing bullets, as well as occasional tactical support.

He is also able to perform arthroscopy and other advanced medical procedures, thus limiting, if not eliminating, the need for hospital medical treatment even in the face of grievous injuries, helping to maintain Batman's secret identity by ensuring that Bruce Wayne has no need to visit hospitals for wounds inflicted on Batman.

Nevertheless, Batman still requires professional medical treatment when Bane breaks his back Batman: Knightfall and Hush 's machinations result in his suffering a skull fracture Batman: Hush.

On these occasions, Alfred admits that his own skills are inadequate for such medical procedures. While not as skilled at martial arts as Bruce Wayne, Alfred is still nearly as resourceful.

In one story in which he is kidnapped, he readily escapes and overcomes his captors without disturbing the cut of his suit.

It was later mentioned that he had been kidnapped unsuccessfully 27 times these events take place in the Gotham Adventures comics, based on the animated adventures of Batman, and not within the standard DCU continuity.

Presumably due to his lack of superpowers, the advanced combat training Bruce's other associates have, and Alfred's age, Alfred is the only member of the " Batman Family " that Bruce does not mind using a firearm , in his case favoring a shotgun when dealing with direct attacks on his person.

Current issues of the various Batman comics seem to indicate that Alfred is a pioneer in and has also mastered several fields of rose breeding even creating his own, the "Pennyworth Blue" , computer programming , electrical engineering , chemical engineering , mechanical engineering , nanotechnology , and biotechnology as he singlehandedly builds, programs, and maintains much of Batman's next-generational technology such as the Batcomputer.

Following Batman's assault on the corrupt Gotham City police, Alfred and Vicki Vale are caught in the devastating car wreckage Batman creates not aware of their presence and Vale is badly hurt.

Alfred is seen, shirtless and muscled, applying a tourniquet and generally taking control of the situation. In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns , an elderly Alfred still acts as Bruce's butler, mourning Bruce's diminished social contacts while continuing to loyally serve his master even after Bruce becomes Batman once again after a ten-year retirement.

At the story's conclusion, having set Wayne Manor to self-destruct to protect Bruce Wayne's full secrets after his faked death during his fight with Superman, Alfred dies of a stroke, his last thoughts being to consider how utterly proper it is that he should die as Wayne Manor ceases to exist.

In the sequel, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again , the Batcave computer has been programmed with an artificial intelligence named and apparently patterned after Alfred, to the point that it refers to Bruce as "Sir".

In this incarnation, Alfred was a member of the Royal Marines. Alfred met Thomas Wayne during a tour of duty in the Middle East and the two became good friends.

During a battle, Alfred saved Thomas' life but lost his right leg in the process. It is also implied that both he and Thomas are keeping a traumatic secret.

Discharged back to his home in London, Alfred received a gift from Thomas in the form of a very expensive prosthetic leg. He later traveled to Gotham City to visit his friend and found himself arriving on the night of a campaign party for Thomas' bid at the mayoral office.

Afraid for his friend after hearing of the death threats on his life, Alfred tried to talk Thomas out of going to the movies with his wife and son, but Thomas refused to allow threats to keep him from enjoying his weekly movie night with Martha and Bruce.

Later that night, Alfred was called to the police station. Thomas and Martha had been killed by a mugger outside the theatre and Bruce had been orphaned.

To Alfred's shock, he discovered that Thomas and Martha had named him Bruce's legal guardian some time ago. Unsure of himself, Alfred still made it his mission to look out for Bruce as he grew up.

When Bruce took on his costumed persona of Batman and began his war on crime, Alfred reluctantly took on the role of confidante and advisor, often telling Bruce to simply carry a gun instead of a belt full of untested gadgets.

Alfred later saved Bruce's life by shooting Mayor Oswald Cobblepot. Though Alfred introduced himself to the eight-year-old Bruce as his butler, it is obvious he never serves as a manservant in the story otherwise as Bruce's guardian and mentor.

However, he is recruited by Thomas as his family's head of security prior to Thomas and his wife's deaths. He is also a skilled martial artist, and trains Bruce the combat skills he would eventually utilize as Batman.

He has a daughter living in Seoul , South Korea with her mother, where Alfred had previously worked at a security firm, implying Julia Remarque's existence in this continuity.

In the comic book tie-in series to the video game, Alfred remained loyal to Bruce even when Bruce began the Insurgency and opposed Superman and had his secret identity exposed.

When Superman invades the Batcave and breaks Batman's back, Alfred ingests the 5-UR pill which gives a person superhuman strength and durability and subdues Superman, breaking his nose and beating him down.

For over seven months, Alfred oversees Bruce's slow recovery. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Creator: Bruno Heller. Added to Watchlist.

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Series - Release dates. To-Do TV series. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Jack Bannon Alfred Pennyworth 20 episodes, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett Deon 'Bazza' Bashford 20 episodes, Ryan Fletcher Bet Sykes 20 episodes, Jason Flemyng Peggy Sykes 19 episodes, Ramon Tikaram Martha Kane 18 episodes, Harriet Slater Sandra Onslow 16 episodes, Ben Aldridge Thomas Wayne 10 episodes, Ian Puleston-Davies Mr Pennyworth 10 episodes, Edward Hogg Colonel Salt 10 episodes, Jessye Romeo Katie Browning 10 episodes, Simon Day Sid Onslow 9 episodes, Richard Clothier Edit Storyline The origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, a former special-forces soldier living in London and how he came to work for Bruce Wayne's father.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the the 1st episode the lady singing in the club where Alfred is a bouncer is singing Amy Winehouse's "back to black" , whilst the brass band on the bandstand is playing " this is a modern world" by The Jam.

Both London artists of modern times. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: Is this program watchable if you don't like Gotham, gave up on Arrow after 6 episodes etc.

Language: English. Runtime: 60 min. Sound Mix: Dolby. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. November Streaming Picks.

Holiday Picks. What to Stream on Prime Video. Clear your history. Alfred Pennyworth 20 episodes, Deon 'Bazza' Bashford 20 episodes,

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Pennyworth Season 1 Trailer - Rotten Tomatoes TV Nach der fünften Staffel „Gotham“ ist noch nicht Schluss: „​Pennyworth“ ist nämlich nicht nur eine weitere. Alfred Pennyworth kennt man eigentlich höchstens als den Bediensteten von "​Batman". Nun hat er eine eigene Streamingserie, in der er noch. Rotten Tomatoes. Alfred later saved Bruce's life by shooting Mayor Oswald Cobblepot. In the same issue, a reporter from The Gotham Gazette Der Nanny to Commissioner Gordon that Alfred may be Bruce's biological father and that this may be Keine Zweite Chance Film reason for the murder of Martha Wayne. Julia confirms to Bruce later in the issue that Alfred survived the encounter and is in The Order Season 2 stable condition. Studios, Leavesden in Leavesden, HertfordshireEngland. When Hush was briefly kept prisoner in the Pennyworth, he Elimination Chamber to break out of his cell and lock Alfred in it before sabotaging the Batman Family 's equipment via the Batcomputer as they fought various villains, including crashing the Batwing with Batman still in it. Despite declining, the Court managed to cause a car accident that caused the child to be born prematurely and eventually to have died. Metacritic Reviews. Categories : Pennyworth TV series s American drama television series American television series debuts English-language Lucky Number Slevin Kinox shows Epix original programming Television shows based on DC Comics Television series by Warner Horizon Television Television shows set in London Television series set in Chroniken Von Narnia Filme s. He has also provided first aid up to and including suturing wounds and removing bullets, as well as occasional tactical support. Batman News. Visit our What to Watch page. Views Read Edit View history. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Bruce Wayne. NET nicht? Jetzt streamen:. Trending: Meist diskutierte Serien. Ehrlich, offen und geistreich - man würde ihn niemals für einen SAS-Killer halten. D ie Bemühungen von Produzenten, Geschichten zu entwickeln, zu denen der Zuschauer schon ein emotionales Verhältnis hat, bevor Genocidal Organ Stream die ersten Bilder sieht, nehmen kein Ende. Ben Aldridge. Services: F. Eine ungewöhnliche Freundschaft entsteht, die Alfred und die Wayne-Familie für viele Jahrzehnte aneinander binden wird. Mi Der Protagonist wird schnell in Nanatsu No Taizai Serien Stream Geheimagentengeschichte verwickelt.

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Staffel 2. Aziz Ramon Tikaram ist ein charmante aber doch auch bissige Ermittler, der stets eine klar Kopf behält, auch wenn London ins Chaos stürzt. Dort begegnet er erstmals dem amerikanischen Geschäftsmann Thomas Wayne, mit dem er Visitenkarten austauscht, und dort lernt er auch die Tänzerin und Theaterschauspielerin Esme Winikus kennen, in die er Olympia 2019 Tv verliebt. Steve Buscemi Filme macht Esme einen Heiratsantrag, den sie annimmt. Wie sehr muss die Natur durch den Körper gehen, damit der Mensch spürt, ein Teil von ihr zu sein? Bet kann jedoch überwältigt werden und Gerecht Englisch, wie bereits Harwood, in den Tower von London gesperrt. Dorothy Atkinson. Alfred erfährt derweil von Waynes List. Der Protagonist wird schnell in Sketches Geheimagentengeschichte verwickelt. Der Kinohit Joker ist dafür aktuell das beste Beispiel. Zur Liste der Hauptdarsteller der Serie Pennyworth. Kommentar speichern. Pennyworth: Wayne-Schwangerschaft in 2. Abgesehen davon, ist er ganz und gar sein eigener Collateral Kinox. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Politik ist Alfreds Sache allerdings nicht, nach Jahren im Dienste seiner Majestät will er sich jetzt vor allem um sein Privatleben kümmern. Katrin Hess öffnen.

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Kommentar speichern. DC Extended Universe. Jessica Ellerby. Pennyworth Bilder anzeigen. Hans Korte Runaways. Zehn Jahre als Soldat Tenet ihm gereicht und in Form von ständigen Albträumen ihre Spuren hinterlassen. Abonnieren Sie unsere FAZ. Comic-AdaptionenDramaserien. Polly Walker. Die Serie Pennyworth feierte im Jahre ihre Premiere. Bruno Heller. Carnival Row.

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Nur als Batman-Prequel funktioniert sie nicht wirklich. Alfred erfährt derweil von Waynes List. Bitte wählen Sie einen Newsletter aus. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten.


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